Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nothing is Too Good to Be True

The open secret is that there is nothing but good news, nothing but the Infinite Good. All of the rest is just stuff that we didn’t want and thought was necessary or inevitable. All of the so-called evil in the world was just self-doubt, ignorance and confusion. “What we feared came upon us” and now fear is over.

Within five years all of the after-effects of fear will disappear like the morning fog is burned off by the sun. I see peace reigning, people living well, universities everywhere, healing and health flourishing. I see children laughing, the forests replanted, the oceans restored, the rivers and air cleaned, and free universal energy everywhere on the planet.

My vision for a new world is FREE UNIVERSAL ENERGY. Every home, business, school, vehicle, playground. factory and infra-structure in every country will have universal free energy. The world community will focus its economy around universal free energy. Leaders will be elected who focus upon a talent-development, universal free energy, health, and peace-keeping. Everyone will be able to develop their talents and share them with everyone else. No one will be excluded from skills-development.

Money no longer used for war will be used for universal free energy and talent-development. Teachers, coaches, instructors, healers, researchers, and craft- masters will be the highest paid professions. Every craft will have the support of the governments, universities and businesses of the world to develop quality products and services. In every village, town city and nation, there will be support and recognition for excellence in the arts, humanities, sciences, therapies, states, and crafts.

My vision counts and so does yours. Nothing is too good to be true. Why settle for less?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Run Your Car on Water?

Here is a sample of an email that I got today, which shows how the debate is going on. Obviously I don't endorse or judge this product, but it is interesting. Dr. Wright

Run Your Car On Water!
Increase MPG with a hydrogen engine that uses water for fuel.
The HydroStar is a hydrogen car conversion manual to let your automobile run on water! Its a hydrogen car invention!

Pre-published documents Verify:Suppressed Invention Revealed!
Finally The Science Of HYDROGEN AUTOMOTIVE POWER Has Been Made Available To Consumers And Is Being Offered Exclusively By Power Products.
U.C.S* Works on practically every make and model of vehicle. SUVs and Trucks
 Gas BBQ Pits
 Any engine or appliance that needs gas vapor.

Cutting Edge HYTRONICS Make It Possible To Construct A Simplistic, Affordable And Powerful Hydrogen Fuel System For Your Vehicle.
An Incredibly Affordable System That Provides FREE Energy!
Now you can run any vehicle on FREE energy! The HydroStar can power your engine with the incredible energy of hydrogen, natures' perfect fuel. It's more powerful than gas, but it's trapped in every drop of water.
And only the HydroStar can efficiently free hydrogen's potent energy!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world;indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Science

NEW SCIENCE: A Revolutionary Energy BreakthroughBy Mark Goldes, Chairman & CEO, Magnetic Power Inc.

New science is opening the way to fuel-free power and propulsion and a turnaround of Global Warming. Conventional wisdom suggests we will be dependent on oil, gas, coal and nuclear power for the foreseeable future. Alternative energy is thought to be limited to solar, wind, fuel-cells and biofuels, etc. However, a revolutionary family of energy conversion technologies has emerged that is likely to prove extremely important. This breakthrough requires no fuel and produces no pollution. It opens a path to cost competitive electric power, automotive, and later aerospace propulsion.

Scientists have long been aware that the earth is immersed in an extremely dense sea of energy, which permeates every nook and cranny of the universe. Only recently has it become clear that this huge reservoir could be a source of usable energy. With some notable exceptions, e.g. Nobel physicist Paul Dirac, we have been, like fish, unaware of the ocean.

There are a variety of names to describe this emerging field. Until now, few considered it possible to tap for practical use. However, Nikola Tesla, the genius who gave birth to alternating current, said: "Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas…”.
Magnetic Power Inc., has been developing Magnetic Power Modules™ that can produce electricity without fuel. Recently, MPI engineers recently decided that our experiments, which extract energy from what we term Quantum Dynamos, lead directly to practical, cost-effective, technology. We have concluded that our generators tap an extremely abundant source of energy. It exists everywhere in the universe and is best described by the term, Virtual Photon Flux (VPF).

VPF can be extracted magnetically. Nobel physicist Werner Heisenberg is quoted as stating that we “could utilize magnetism as an energy source”. Hans Coler, a German inventor supported by Hitler’s Navy, according to a long since declassified British Intelligence Report that has been posted on the web, succeeded in building a working 6 kilowatt, solid-state, magnetic "space energy receiver”. This remarkable generator was destroyed by an Allied bomb in 1945. At the time, there was no comprehension as to the source of the energy. Coler wrote: “These fundamental researches…have made the first real and large breach in the citadel of present scientific belief.”

Prototype Virtual Photon Flux extraction devices have apparently been constructed in numerous laboratories, throughout the world, during the past two decades. Our own firm, Magnetic Power Inc. has a team of outstanding engineers developing pre-commercial rotary and solid-state systems. One kilowatt Magnetic Power Modules™ are expected to be in production next year by one or more Strategic Partners, aimed at the market for portable generators, as well as homes. Modules can be combined for greater power output, in a manner analogous to solar cells.

Compact automotive power systems, as well as much larger modules, appear feasible. A major firm has expressed interest in small battery replacements powering laptop computers. Demonstration devices and toys are currently being developed to illustrate the feasibility of practical designs.

Although still not widely known, increasing numbers of scientists and engineers are working with this truly revolutionary energy technology. This fact heralds the beginning of a profound transition, leading beyond dependence on oil, gas, coal, uranium, and other fuels. Great numbers of new jobs will emerge, as will a major stimulus to the world economy.

Energy independence is likely to be realized by all countries, large and small, rich and poor. Reversing air pollution, and slowing of what now appears to be potentially catastrophic global warming, is inherent in the achievement. To the surprise of many, with sufficient support, this could readily become a near-term event.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Become a Dreamer

How many more wars will it take for us to get to the place where we can question the use of war to end war? Force to end force? Insecurity to end insecurity? Blame to end blame? I don’t know. But in the meantime, we continue to use the same old ego methods, hoping that war will be profitable and worthwhile. $500 to $600 billion on Iraq doesn’t sound cheap to me. Maybe some of our advisors feel that we will eventually get enough oil revenue to put us in the black. How about just $100 billion for Free Energy Research? What if every oil company put 20% of their profits into Universal Free Energy research? Would that pay off? Probably not in next quarters’ reports. Are we going to let the whole ship sink? The whole planet be depleted? Obviously we can’t leave it up to the oil industry alone to make this decision.

Why should the oil industry put themselves out of business? I’ll tell you why: they can switch businesses! Who else could better do it than the people in the business. We don’t have a choice to remain the same any longer. Business as usual is over. Change or die. Change or poison the planet? Change or starve our grandchildren. Change or atrophy? Change or go broke!

The economic motive is all that will change us. The ego system runs on money. There is no use to talk about anything but money. Of course, money is energy, but it is not the source of energy. Health is also energy, but the body is not the source of energy. Creativity is energy and imagination is the source of energy. Let’s use imagination to make this huge paradigm shift. 1/10 of one percent would do it easily. Even 100,000 people could do it! That is a very small part of the planet, probably 1/60000 of our population. So let’s say “Let there be Universal Free Energy! “

I deal with warring couples all the time. They won’t stop warring until they realize that they are defeating themselves. It only takes one, however, to end the war. It takes two to tango and one to end it. You always have to begin with one. So let us begin with ourselves, with our mindset, with our national ego. In the U.S. it would only take 1% or 250,000 people to do it. Surely we can get 1% to agree to stop our self-destructive habits. All we have to do is to stop criticizing, complaining about, accusing, blaming, threatening, punishing and bribing our “enemy” just as it does in the family, in schools or in business. All we have to do is listen, be supportive, forgive, accept, negotiate, appreciate, and show respect to our fellow anxious friends. They are just as anxious and uptight as we are. They are just as habit-prone as we are. They are just as afraid to love as we are. They are just as nationally insecure as we are. They are just as defensive as we are. They are just as stretched financially as we are. They need universal free energy just as much as we do. They do just about anything to survive, just like we do. They are abusing their resources just as much as we are ours. They have just as many neuroses as we do. But none of it is true. There are no such people.

Its just like the patient said on the mental ward when asked how she like the people on the ward, and she said “there are no people here, just doctors, nurses and patients.“ In wars there are no people, just enemies, targets and collateral damage. In Iraqi car bombings, there are no atheists, Christians, or Mohammedans, just scared people who want to live and angry people who think it doesn’t matter.

To work on changing your own mind, you have to grow up, stop blaming, and become self-responsible about your thinking . Find out about your self-defeating story. Your prejudices. Your self doubt. Your ignorance of God and where god is. Your confusion about good and evil. Your blindness to the Infinite Good. Correct that thinking and wars will end. Universal Free Energy will arise.

•We have a small peace corps but very small compared to our war machine.
•How many schools, generals, and manuals for peace do we have?
•How many peace weapons do we manufacture?
•We have police forces, but do we have enough peace keepers?
•How big is our peace budget?
•How is the Central Intelligence Agency gathering evidence of peace efforts and rewarding peace-making.?
•How often do our police and correctional officers have time to find the strengths of its population instead of its faults?
•How much of our prison effort goes to rehabilitation and how much to punishment?
•How could our prison population help in the energy conversion process?

•How could our universities re-train people for new free energy technologies?

•How could our factories re-tool to build free energy units for every house and car in the world?

•How could we reward inventors who build smaller and better free energy devices?

•How could the wealth of the world be used to re-plant our forests, clean up our oceans and rivers, purify our air?

•With no more use of fossil-fuels, that might help our air and water quality

•Waste products could be used for energy purpose and not dumped on the soil and in the rivers.

•Composting would replace landfills.

•Factories with energy devices would no longer pour smoke into the air.

•Freighters would no longer transport oil.

•Oil spills and wildlife problems would disappear.

•Pipelines would no longer be needed to transport oil, gas and propane.

•Workers would be needed all over the globe to manufacture, distribute and repair energy devices.

•Universities would educate and train these workers.

•The internet and cellphone would be used to transmit this energy information all over the world instantaneously.

•Every country would have its own role to play in this giant teamwork effort.

•The diseased and hungry of the world would get the attention they need.

•Natural disasters would decrease due to our close work with nature.

•Countries and families experiencing any remaining disasters would be given immediate world and local attention.

•The rich would help the poor and the poor would help the rich. Every team member is as important as every other.

•Quality products and services would become the world standard

•The more educated would help the less educated, and the laborers would help the office people.

•Armies would become peace-makers.

•Hospitals and prisons would be used to educate the entire global community about how to change the human mind and increase creativity.

•Pharmaceutical companies would help us to find and use the most necessary natural foods, supplements, and better water and air.

•Doctors of all kinds would offer psychological and spiritual help to their patients.

•Churches would become spiritually supportive to all other professionals.

•Scientists would continue to refine our energy machines and energy conversion knowledge.

•Politicians would make sure that the nations’ monies are being used for the people’s needs and not for war and personal advantage.

•Drug trafficking for survival would be replaced by energy sharing for everyone.

•The youth of the world would no longer be wasting their energies on the street corners.

•All gangs would be assigned meaningful tasks, and educated to use their street smarts for everyone.

•Every family would be taught dream interpretation and dream sharing techniques.

•Creativity would be rewarded in the schools and not just rote memory.

•Art and music would be considered spiritual and inspirational gifts to be supported by the government.

•Whole communities would be encouraged to do Tai Chi exercises every morning and trained in yoga for their at home exercise.

•Proper breathing and meditation classes would be offered in all schools.

•Bibles of all religions would be taught in the schools and universities.

•Youth would be encouraged to visit other countries for part of their education.

•Every youth would have the opportunity to join a peace core in a country of their choice for two years.

•Classes in communication would be taught to every family, married couple, and parents.

•Spiritual psychotherapy would be offered to anyone encountering difficulties.

Dreams, huh? We have to dream before we can materialize our dreams. We have been dreaming war far too long. We have been dreaming mere survival far too long. God wants us to dream big and dream for all. God is behind and in our dreaming. God is our dreaming. God is our imagination.

We have dreamed far too small. We have dreamed insecurity far too long. We have dreamed of lack and weakness for far too long. As I get it, God wants to have heaven on earth. Everything has been supplied for that to happen. If we don’t do it soon, we will lose that opportunity due to our own neglect, short-sightedness, ignorance and small dreaming. Small dreaming is our problem.

Jesus was the world’s biggest dreamer. He dreamed that everyone could rise to his height, and match his reach. He dreamed of heaven on earth, and of one mankind. He dreamed of every man becoming the god that he is. He dreamed of resurrection for everyone. He dreamed of bringing the good news to everyone, healing everyone, casting out everyone’s demons, healing everyone’s blindness, setting everyone free, and raising everyone’s deadness. He dreamed of end of prejudice, of the care of the children, and of equal rights for women. He dreamed of the end of poverty and hunger. He dreamed of no more tears, no more envy, no more jealousy, no more wars. He gave his life for his dreams, and he is still here to guarantee that they come true.

A 5-Year Project

Suppose we set up a five year project so that by 2012 we have Universal Free Energy in operation. One presidential term would do it, if we had the wholehearted goal of enlisting the energy of all nations. All the religions, sciences, businessmen, educators and statesmen would be invited to focus their attention on Universal Free Energy. Panels of experts would meet in every country and university to discuss their research monthly. Each meeting would begin with a prayer in order to tap into the Source of all things. When there are mistakes, we will learn from them. For once in the history of the world, we would share a common goal, with all differences becoming the servant of this goal. All nationalisms, sectarians and scientisms would have to be sacrificed on the altar of a united vision. Who will take the lead? It is bigger than all of us, so we will all have to lead and at the same time follow.

There would have to be a phasing out of weaponry in order to phase in energy experiments and research. Would there be enough nations involved to monitor those who might try to take advantage? Would some build up their nuclear power secretly in the hopes of over-powering the others? Who would trust who? Who would enforce the rules needed for such a trusting project?

Would a united police force be needed for such a big project? Or, could we get by for four years upon the good will of the nations? Could we be non-paranoid enough to survive conspiracy theories and do the work needed? Are there enough grown-ups in the world to self-govern ourselves? Are we adult up enough to be the leaders in such a project when we cannot even get bi-partisanship in our own congress? I don’t think we have ever had an all-consuming vision where everyone wins.

What could anyone possibly lose if such a project succeeded? Our national egos could fear a loss of control and a loss of power. However, if there is more to gain than to lose, are we capable of such a level of trust? Are there 100 such nations that could grasp the potential of such a challenge? How about 50? How about 10?

Could ten nations find the maturity and vision to commit to such a project? Would ten be enough? Would the quality of the ten be more important than their size? Which ten would you be willing to partner with for the future of the human race? I don’t believe that our future looks more than about a 2 on a scale of 10 if we don’t find out how to do Universal Free Energy in the next four years. Things are closing in. Suspicion and killing are not working.

60-second Meditations at 6 a.m. and 12 noon, EST

I am holding a 60 second meditation program every morning at 6 a.m. EST and at high noon for 60 seconds, on Universal Free Energy. I am focusing on various symbols of this amazing idea. Please feel free to find your own Free Energy Symbol. At this time my symbol is a vital river flowing down out of the mountains, washing over me and the earth. I also like the musical notes on the website. Please let me know what symbols you choose, and send me a copy to put on our blog.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Let’s go for the most powerful symbols we can find. We have been imagining weapons, bombs, killing and conquering for lifetimes. Let’s shift now to symbols of healing, peace, prosperity, and flowing love. Your meditation will count. One high energy symbol will counteract 100 low energy symbols. Terror is a very low energy symbol. During every newscast, lets imagine forgiveness, hope, peace and healing, using our symbols .

I like the Infinity sign. I like seeing gold coins falling from the sky. I like seeds of wisdom showering all about us. I like the rays of the sun re-vitalizing us. I like the Christ or the Buddha figures supporting and blessing us.

Let’s meet at 6 a.m. every morning for 60 seconds, and at 12 noon for 60 seconds, that’s all. Let’s imagine our service personnel coming home and joining Uncle Sam’s new army of Free Energy Warriors.

Do our thoughts matter? Thoughts matter. Thoughts materialize. Thoughts take form. That’s why we have wars, due to our thoughts. The fastest thing we can change is our thoughts. Keeping them focused is the work. We tend to be jerked about by the thoughts of others. Thought-focusing take discipline, but thoughts do matter and do materialize.

Let us hold no more evil thoughts, none. Transform them to constructive thoughts immediately. In all of our relationships, let us think truth only. See only the good. See only the Infinite Good. Hold no thought in your mind that you do not want to come true, because it will. God created the world by thought, by imagination, by words, and so do we. What an enormous power we have!

William Blake had it right when he said: “What have I said, what have I done, O all powerful human words!”

Energy is eternal delight.
William Blake
I myself do nothing. The Holy Spirit accomplishes all through me.
William Blake
Energy and persistence conquer all things.
Benjamin Franklin
Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.
Corina Kent
Crime is naught but misdirected energy.
Corita Kent

So in this imaginal work on Universal Free Energy, let us feel free to use the word “God”. If you don’t like the word “God” just use the word “Good” or better still “Infinite Good”. Or, “Universal Free Energy” Or “Source” They are all the same. Whatever we call IT, we have to consistently draw up this resource beyond all of our ego strategies if we are to realize Universal Free Energy. You can’t have Universal Free Energy just for yourself. There is no such animal as “just yourself” anyway. We all sink or swim together, which should be obvious by now. Your loss is my loss, your gain is my gain. That is the Law. All lesser laws are just man-made amplifications or perversions of the One Law of the Infinite Good.
To encourage us in our search for the power to realize Universal Free Energy, read the words of William Blake:

What is now proved was once only imagined.
You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
The man who never in his mind and thoughts travel'd to heaven is no artist.
The eye altering, alters all
If a thing loves, it is infinite.
Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell's despair.
A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.
Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.
Do what you will, this world's a fiction and is made up of contradiction
The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness.

Whatever story you are running in your mind right now, short of Universal Free Energy, will show up as stressful or anxiety-producing so that you can own it and drop it.

Some scientists claim to already have free energy devices, but say that there are political forces which continually destroy their work, their credibility and their funding sources. They say that Free energy is not allowed in this country. They say that law enforcement is used to control and prevent these changes. They say that their Free energy devices are confiscated and destroyed.

No doubt we should expect quacks, rip-offs, charades, and fakes on the one side and sharks from big business and governments on the other. We should expect big brothers to be protecting “national security,” and the loss of control over vested interests. Let us be aware that oil and power monopolies and interests are very powerful and think they have much to lose and much to protect. But let us also be aware that such protection is no longer going to work. Vested interests are going to sink this ship. There will be nothing to hoard and nowhere to keep it. The jig is up.

If we do not step up to the plate with courage and vision, we are going to lose anyway. We have no guarantees for the next five years. Things are moving 100 times faster now than ever before. The apocalypse is just about here. Business as usual is a fantasy. Everything is going to change. We still have time to influence the direction of that change. Many visionaries are telling us that we only have until December, 2012, to make those changes.

Society is in for a Big Shift. We are being torn apart with all of our contradictory and ambivalent violence-prone fears. We cannot force people into democracy, can we? We cannot force freedom, can we? But could we offer Universal Free Energy as a uniting paradigm! What do we have to lose?

There is no doubt that massive job changes would occur if Universal Free Energy became our central focus, but there are going to be massive job changes anyway. We would have to go through a lot of insecurity fears, but we will anyway. The shake-ups have just begun. We need a vision big enough to make these shake-ups meaningful, bearable and profitable. Universal Free Energy is that vision.
Your ideas are welcome on our Universal Free Energy blog. Please tell me why we can’t do it, why we must do it, and how we can do it. What we need are some new ideas!

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo

The Space Age was an idea whose time had come. Global Change was an idea whose time had come. Ending Hunger, Peaceful Divorce, and Solar Power Satellites are other ideas whose time has come. Anxiety as a Friend is an idea whose time has come. The Infinite Good is an idea whose time has come. Universal Free Energy is an idea whose time is now coming.

How to Get What you Really Want: Universal Free Energy

How to get what you want is a very tricky question.

It is the question implied in every sales pitch in the book. Every huckster in the market place sells his product to fulfill your needs and desires, right? If you don’t already have such a wish or dream, the product will create it for you. The market place creates needs and promises to fulfill them.

Madison Avenue teaches us via the media that we are lacking in some way and that we can become more attractive, happier, healthier, richer, and more influential by following their offering. Ecstasy creates a demand for ecstasy. Super cars create the idea of super driving. Fast foods create the idea of saving time. Super pills create the idea of super health. Super sex creates the idea of super pleasure.

“How to get what you want” implies that you don’t have what you want. You are lacking. You are deprived. You have needs. You have unfulfilled desires. You are set up for codependency. Codependency makes you an easy mark for any sales pitch.

How to get what you want, or how to get rid of what you don’t want. That’s what money and relationships are all about, right? The more we have, the more we want, right? We are sitting ducks. We love it and we hate it.

Money then becomes the #1 way to get what you want. Without money, you cannot get what you want. This is a consumer world. You can’t keep warm, get fed, get a job, get an education, or even have a date without money and a car. And now a cell-phone. Isn’t it wonderful! So many exciting interesting things to want and to experience. Thousands of malls to shop in. Every imaginable product has been invented, with thousands more in the pipeline.

Get an education, get a job, make money, buy stuff and enjoy it, right? Go in style. Look good. Feel good. Get a face lift. Exercise. Do a make-over on your body or your house or your finances. What a marvelous time to live in! Work hard and you can have whatever you want. Isn’t that the American dream that has now overtaken the world?

Then why are we anxious? How could we not be anxious! You may not make it. You may lose it. In fact, it happens every day. Whew! So don’t tell me that it’s infinitely good to live in a world where you may not make it and where you will eventually lose it. You wouldn’t want life to be too predictable, too boring, too repeatable, would you?

If you had the power to invent the world of your choice, what would it be like? How would it be different from what you see now? Invent a perfect world. Give it a try. See what you can do. It’s what you are already doing anyway. Everyone is trying to invent a better mousetrap and make a better world. A fool-proof world. A failure-proof world. Every world-maker has his or her own ideas about paradise. God did a pretty lousy job of it. We could do better, right?

So give it a conscious try. Make it a better world. Do it right this time. Fix it. Improve it. That is our challenge, to get what we want. An anxiety-proof world. Go for it. I am absolutely sure that God is sitting in the bleachers cheering you on: “Go, team!”

Who says you can’t discover an infinite source of energy for every car and home on the globe. That would end all wars tomorrow, wouldn’t it? Most of the wars are over oil anyway. Nicola Tesla almost got the job done, but got cut out of the loop. Wilhelm Reich came in for a close second.

Surely there is another genius in the wings just waiting for a world that is ready to take the next step forward in evolution. Are we ready for paradise on earth? We can at least envision it, can’t we? What if you had an inexhaustible source of free energy in your house and car? Is that impossible? I believe we can do it. Surely if we can imagine it, we can do it. “Let there be light” worked once before, maybe it can work again. Yes, I’m a dreamer! We are all dreamers, so let’s dream big!

An inexhaustible source of free energy in every home and car. Is that so impossible? The sun is such a source. The stars are such sources. Galaxies are such sources. If I am the light of the world, am I not such a source also?

I want an inexhaustible source of free energy for every home and car on the globe. I am imagining that to be true. I am imagining that as our next step forward in human evolution. Anxiety tells me that if I can just tune into the Infinite Good, we can have what we want. Don’t you want an inexhaustible source of free energy in every home, car, school and business? Sure you do. Then why can’t we begin a collective imagination project to that effect! If all things are possible, why isn’t this one possible? This would be the shortest path to universal peace.

So why can’t we collectively imagine a path to peace by asking for what we want. God is free energy, isn’t He? Isn’t She? So how do we hook up with God-energy? If God-energy is the Infinite Good, and imagination is the route to manifestation, why don’t we ask for peace in this manner?

Let’s do a global manifestation event for peace! Free Energy for Everyone. Why not? Who says we can’t do that? If all things are possible with God, why can’t we just go all the way and ask for what we collectively want? Is God going to withhold Free Energy for Everyone? Why on earth would He do that? Would you give stones to your kids for breakfast?

Is Free Energy for Everyone an impossible dream, an impossible mission? Who can say what is possible and impossible? My God loves a challenge. My God is not afraid to tackle the impossible. My God specializes in the Impossible. My God promises to deliver the Impossible.

Maybe we haven’t asked. Maybe we haven’t had the vision. Maybe we haven’t been willing to do what it takes. Maybe we have thought that someone would lose if everyone wins. Maybe there are “powers that be” who think that war will get anyone what they want. It never has. It never will.

When Universal Free Energy comes, that will be the end of war and the return of Christ. Christ is Universal Free Energy for everyone. Isaiah had a glimpse of it when he said “Come, drink, its free.” Rumi saw it also when he said “Come, weary traveler, Come.” Jesus promised it when he said “I announce to you that this day is the day of the Lord, when the blind will see, the hungry will be fed, the prisoners will be set free.” Universal Free Energy is heaven on earth.

Universal Free Energy will become an actuality by 2012 or else. Everyone will recognize this as the millennium come true. Universal Free Energy, like the rain and the sun, will be a gift for all. No one will miss this blessing which will unite mankind. War will cease. There will be no reason for war any more. Universal Free Energy will mean there is nothing to lose, nothing to steal, nothing to fear, nothing to envy, nothing to hate, nothing to kill about.

Join me in this peace movement. We can do it when we realize that is what we all really want.
A Vision of Universal Free Energy

You cannot stop an idea whose time has come . Universal Free Energy is that idea!
We have universal flight. We have universal internet. We have universal communication. We have universal cell-phones. We are just one small step from Universal Free Energy.

Collectively are we ready for the Big One? Universal Free Energy would be the Big One, wouldn’t it?

Universal Free Energy would blow away all of our limited thinking. Conspiracy theories would be dead. Monopolies would be powerless. Wars would be over. What could anyone fight over? Control? Control of what? Control of energy is it. Money is energy. Love is energy. Poverty is the mis-use of energy. War is the most flagrant mis-use of energy. War is the ultimate form of control through fear. Fear of what? Of not enough. The fear of not enough drives the engine of war.

Universal Free Energy would be the end of wars on cancer, illiteracy, disease, poverty, and lethargy. Universal Free Energy would be the end of drug trafficking. Who needs addictions if we have Universal Free Energy? Who needs envy, jealousy, murder, scheming, plotting and planning?

Every health advertisement promises more energy. Every automobile ad stresses less energy costs. Every home is insulated for less energy costs. Every manufacturer is seeking less energy costs and less labor costs by outsourcing overseas.
Immigration problems would cease with Universal Free Energy.

Who would need to beg to come to the United States, and to crawl over the Mexican border on his belly and risk his life to send a little free energy (money) back home?

Who would need to commute 2 to 4 hours to work every day? Who would need to constantly fear his job loss? Who would need to starve himself on a minimum wage or retirement income to pay for heating, electric and gasoline bills? Who would have a problem of harvesting and storing food if we had no energy bills to pay?

What would education look like if the main thing we had to study was how to use our unlimited energy?

Is the universe lacking in energy? Isn’t there enough energy in one atom to run a city for a year? Isn’t it just a question of how to channel our inexhaustible energy? We are running out of oil and natural gas, are we not?

We are shipping what oil and natural gas we have thousands of miles by freighters. Oil cartels control our economy, do they not? We sell our souls for a barrel of oil, do we not? We are whores to the oil cartels, are we not? We lose our integrity for energy, do we not? We cheat, lie and steal in companies like Exxon for control of God’s resources, do we not? We are squandering our beautiful forests, lakes and oceans, all for the cause of energy, do we not?

Is not our global warming problem due to the lack of Universal Free Energy? Couldn’t our scientists solve the global warming problem quite easily if we had Universal Free Energy?

I’m no genius about energy. I am sure there are thousands of scientists trying to figure out this problem, but do they have our help? Can we help? How can we help? Do we have the unlimited power of imagination that we can offer them?
If they need money, can’t we find the money for such research?

We spend a billion dollars a day for war; what if we used that billion to research Universal Free Energy sources?
Shouldn’t the next Democratic or Republican platform for the president be based upon the pursuit of Universal Free Energy instead of how to fix Iraq?

If Iraq is just a symptom of the real problem, what is the real problem? If global warming is just a symptom, what is the real problem? If terrorism is just a symptom, what is the real problem? Is aging, sickness and death are just symptoms, what is the real problem?

I have been arguing that anxiety is a smokescreen for the real problem. Terrorism is a smokescreen for the real problem. Global warming is a smokescreen for the real problem. War is a smokescreen for the real problem.

What then is our real human problem? Our real problem is our ignorant view of God. War, like disease, is the result of our ignorant view of God. Religion has been the cause of every war in history: the religion of greed, the religion of fear, the religion of guilt, the religion of favoritism, the religion of punishment, the religion of ignorance.

Universal Free Energy is what God is. Universal Intelligent Free Unlimited Loving Energy is what God is. Any other view of God is ignorance. Our view of God has been that He or She doesn’t want us to be free, to be powerful, to be happy. Our ignorant view of God is that God is limited, that God is stingy, that God plays favorites, that God punishes. We fear that Universal Free Energy is just what God does not want us to have. We think God is a control freak who does not want to share his power, love and creativity.

Why don’t we take another look? Is God like this or is this just our story? God begins to sound like an overgrown ego.

Universal Free Energy, like the internet, would level the playing field. We would all be on the same page of freedom, power, and peace. There would be nothing to fight for or against. Abundance would reign. There would be no starvation, no threat of loss, no “wolf at the door” theatrics.

I have a dream, said Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, we all have a dream. That dream is Universal Free Energy. That dream can become a reality if we want it. if one black man can have a dream that revolutionizes racism, and one woman can free women, and one guru can free India of colonialism, what can you and I do? If Einstein can free us from the bonds of scientism, why can’t we also become free of religiousity?

Universal Free Energy is an idea whose time has come. But it can’t be done by one man or one woman or one guru, It has to be a collective choice. We all have to make that choice if we are to be free of victim thinking. Universal Free Energy would be the end of victimization. Are we ready for that Big One?

What buttons of yours does this Big Idea push? Does it sink your boat? Which boat? Why can’t we do it? What are the main inhibitors to this Big One?

1. Universal Free Energy is too good to be true

2. Universal Free Energy is impossible

3. Universal Free Energy is impractical

4. Universal Free Energy is too big a jump, it would upset the world economy

5. Universal Free Energy would turn society inside out

6. Universal Free Energy is a pipe dream

7. Universal Free Energy is not controllable

8. Universal Free Energy is just as a fantasy

9. Universal Free Energy would upset the status quo

Everything on this planet was once a dream. Flight was a dream, television was a dream, computers were a dream. The internet was a dream. Electricity was a dream. Cellphones were a dream. Freedom was a dream. But so are illness, sickness, old age, dying and death…all just dreams. Slavery is a dream. Poverty is a dream. Loneliness is a dream. All that we do is dream. Why not dream Big? Why not dream the impossible dream? Can you honestly tell me that your life is not a dream, either good or bad, that you have created, either knowingly or unknowingly?

Are we ready for a change? A big change? Who says we can’t do it? If it is time for a Big Change, and if the time has come for this Big Idea, why can’t we do it?

Where would we start? Here. When? Now. Who would begin it? You. You and God are a majority. For lack of vision, my people perish!

Who would oppose Universal Free Energy? Only the stupid rich, the egotistical despot, the religious idiot, or the blinded sheep. Isn’t it time that visionaries use their courage and spirituality!

Our little ideas have sometimes worked, why not try the Big One? I would like to see a presidential campaign based upon this idea. Would such a person be elected or booed out of the race? We have to make a Big Step this time or we won’t make it across the chasm we have created.

What is this chasm? Let’s research it. Let’s find out. Let’s call a meeting of sociologists, psychologists, theologians, geologists, weathermen, physicians, economists and think tanks to really ask this question: Is Universal Free Energy possible? Is Universal Free Energy the best path to peace? Who would lead the world in such a project? Can we turn our swords into plowshares? Can we replace the Pentagon with a Peaceagon? Can we turn all of our focus and energy upon Universal Free Energy?

Suppose all of our brilliant generals were to turn their knowledge toward peace. Who else knows the follies of war, killing and pain more than they? Who else know more about how to plan campaigns, strategies and back-up plans? Suppose our commander-in-chief was the director of peace forces, training our young men and women is the art of peace-making? Suppose every effort was made to preserve, conserve and wisely use our planetary resources?

Couldn’t we hold Universal Free Energy worldwide meetings every month? Couldn’t we put at least 49% of our gross national budgets into this process? Couldn’t we lead the world in creative thinking?

Couldn’t we ask every scientist to help do his or her part in tapping the universal source of knowledge and wisdom about this matter? Couldn’t we ask all of our young college students to help? Couldn’t we ask all of our budding young visionaries to take on this challenge?

Many volunteered to become astronauts, why not visionaries for Universal Free Energy? Suppose there were thousands of graduate students writing papers for every science class on Universal Free Energy? Suppose all of our scientific journals and scientific meetings focused their energies on this task? Suppose the media set up a Situation Room on a daily basis to report on the daily progress of this Great Mission? Suppose CNN bent their great resources and creativity to this end for just one year?

Suppose the stock markets paid attention to noteworthy young companies and inventions for Universal Free Energy?

Universal Free Energy would be profitable to everyone equally. That would be its upside and downside. Could our collective ego embrace such a non-egoic goal? Like Free Grace, Free Energy would be a godsend. Can we grow up fast enough to grasp the enormity of Universal Free Energy?

Can anything be done without force? Survival has always been governed by force and that is why it works so slowly and poorly, and at such an enormous cost. We just can’t afford the cost of blind force any longer. We barely have enough time to save and restore this planet’s resources.

Universal Free Energy would save our natural and human resources. It would make possible our continued population growth without ruining our air and water quality. With Universal Free Energy we could quickly restore the quality of our soil as well. Is Universal Free Energy technically possible? I don’t believe it is a technical, social or even political problem, but a spiritual one.

Once our ego blinders are removed, we will see nothing but energy anywhere. To harnass Universal Free Energy would be the least of our problems. Unknown Tesla and Einstein geniuses would undoubtedly bring this unlimited power of God into shared use. Deserts would bloom and the seas would sing. Nature would gladly serve us in unexpected ways.

The Medicine of God and the Power of Love would renew the deepest well-springs of the planet. Even our cities would take on a new glow. Peace itself would be a healing energy for the war-weary and hungry multitudes. The leaves of the tree of life would heal the nations.

The Tree of Life is Universal Free Energy. It is not my goal here to belabor the point. My goal is to express an idea whose time has come. It cannot wait for two or three generations, at best 4 years!

Who would take the lead in this project? You and I. This project is bigger than all of us. Let’s begin with re-diagnosis!

Just how is Iraq, global warming and immigration a spiritual problem? How are these symptoms an expression of our mis-judgment of God? Have we assumed and accused God of disinterest or inability to provide us with Universal Free Energy? Maybe we are the disinterested and the unable.

I am concerned that if we don’t address this as a spiritual problem, we will never solve it. Universal Free Energy shatters our status quo imagination. One man of the right caliber might be able to move ten nations toward the Universal Free Energy gift that God is offering us at this propitious time.

Criticize by creating.


To change war into peace would require the realization that it is easier to destroy than to build. This law defines human capacities and human conditions. Were these such that it would be easier build than to destroy, man would go on unresisted, creating and accumulating without limit. Such conditions are not of this earth. A being which could do this would not be a man: it might be a god.

Nikola Tesla

So we have reached our limits as humans. The Great Reversal from destroying to creating, which would allow man to create without limit, would require a being that is not a man but a god.

We have reached that point in history, that point where we must transcend our manhood, and enter into godhood, if we are to draw forth Universal Free Energy, and create heaven upon earth. May “the will of Infinite Good be done on earth as it is in heaven” is required of us all at this time. It is no more a luxury, or a convenience, but a necessity. Does heaven operate on Universal Free Energy, or do you have to buy gas and pay your electric bill there?

Can we envision a human society where we choose to act like unlimited gods using spiritual power as opposed to limited brutes wielding force? Until we can envision such a society I doubt that the heavenly forces are going to trust us with unlimited power. Would you give a child or a teenager unlimited power? We have already seen what cars and guns can do to irresponsible adolescents, not to mention nuclear power.

There is no doubt in my mind that Universal Free Energy is a real possibility for mankind, but is it a probability? It all depends, doesn’t it!

I hope to see a hundred books and a thousand websites on this subject by the end of 2007!

Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D. and

Feel free to send this article to a friend, to a scientist, to a student, to a senator, to a spiritual seeker, to a newscaster, to someone with an open mind and some get-up-and-go! The internet is free, like this energy we are talking about, so let’s use it!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What is It We Don’t Know?

There may be a thousand layers where evil seems to exist, but there is one where it does not, and that is truth. There are thousands of layers of lies and we have bought into those layers. We have deceived ourselves, but ultimately we decide what is real, and upon that decision rests all of our other decisions.

We have to re-diagnose what is the human problem. Suppose there is only one human problem, and we think there are hundreds. Suppose that one human problem is ignorance, covered over by arrogance. We don’t even know what ignorance is. We think ignorance is lack of information or education. Yet we live in the information age, and daily we surf the information highway. The education level is the highest in history. Ignorance is not lack of information or education, but mis-education.

And so we are ignorant of what ignorance is, and we are mis-educated. We don’t know that we don’t know, and we don’t know how to know. So the question is why we don’t know that we don’t know. Arrogance hides our lack of knowledge. This arrogance says that we are right. The ego had rather be right than happy any day.

And how can we be sure that we don’t know? We can know we don’t know because of anxiety. Anxiety is the direct result of ignorance, mis-education and arrogance. We don’t know the nature of reality. Does not knowing mean that we are not intelligent? Absolutely not. We are very intelligent and we are mis-using our intelligence, so that our magnificent intelligence is working against us.

What is it we don’t know? We don’t know who God is, nor who we are. We don’t know the meaning of the word “I.” We think “I” means the ego. Not knowing who “I” is infects and poisons our entire use of language. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially since we are such intelligent beings.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What kind of power are we talking about ? Ego Power? Is ego powerful? Intelligence is dangerous, great intelligence is even more dangerous when under the control of ego. Education is dangerous, more education can be even more dangerous, unless we realize what it is we don’t know.

What we don’t know is our spirituality. Spirituality means awareness, and awareness means truth, and the truth is that only the Infinite Good exists. Thus truth is a discovery, and we will not seek that discovery as long as we are ignorant and arrogant. And except for anxiety, we might not even be interested in discovery.

So let us thank God that we are anxious, and that we don’t know why yet. We attribute anxiety to every external cause that we can imagine. Anxiety has nothing to do with the external. Anxiety arises from our beliefs about the external, not from the external. Anxiety arises from our ego story about the nature of reality. Anxiety-recognition and anxiety-analysis are thus essential to our re-education, and to the proper restoration and use of our infinite intelligence.

You will never feel safe as long as you believe in evil as a power. There is only One Power. There are not two powers. National insecurity is a belief in two powers. As long as we believe in two powers, war will continue and Universal Free Energy will not be understood as valuable. Our great intelligent statesmen in Washington are ignorant of this One Power. Ignorant of this One Power, our anxiety drives us into control tactics. Universal Free Energy will never be acceptable to the ego, because the ego is a fear and control mechanism, and Universal Free Energy would be the end of the ego.

The human mind is a control machine. It edits out any conflicting information that does not fit its own model of reality. Thus our vice-president can say that global warming does not exist. And our president can say that we can win the war in Iraq. And the rest of us can argue with them. We are all fighting for control over our anxiety. We have decided that oil is necessary for national security and we edit out all conflicting information. Any means justifies this end.

Our end belief is that there are many powers, and we want to be number one. But so does every other national ego. Nuclear power is considered to be one of these many competing powers. Evil is defined as whatever exposes our national insecurity and good is defined as whatever restores our sense of control.

We do not know the One Power. This lack of knowledge controls the world scene. If there is only One Power and that power is truth, intelligence, love and Infinite Goodness, then we are on the wrong track and Universal Free Energy will not be number one to us yet. Until we become aware of the One Power, we would simply misuse any such free energy, just as the arabs do. We are no more aware than they. We are as oblivious of the One Power as they are.

In our stupidity we think oil is it. Oil is not Universal Free Energy. Oil is just one form of that energy. Oil dependency means that we do not know the One Power. Oil dependency has made fools of us all. Oil dependency can never replace God dependency. Ego can never replace the Self. Fear can never replace Love. Many competing powers can never replace the One Power. Ignorance can never replace anxiety and its healing function.

Wouldn’t you like to believe that there is only One Power and that it is Infinite Goodness? Wouldn’t you like to know that Truth is infinitely good, and that reality is infinitely good? Wouldn’t your anxiety disappear if you knew that? Wouldn’t your creativity return in full force? Wouldn’t war disappear from your mind if you felt safe?

You can know the truth and it will set you free of all of the burdens of fear and control. Enlightenment is the best name for that knowing process. There is nothing else worth doing and knowing until we break through that death strangle. You can begin today. Just say “I and my Father are one” That was the way Jesus did it and he modeled reality re-discovery for us. “I am one with the One Power. There is no second.” If I claim that this One Power is love, then fear will begin to disappear.

War is no longer justifiable. Murder is ignorance. Fear is ignorance. Control is ignorance. Force is ignorance. Insecurity is ignorance. Retaliation is ignorance. Dependency on oil is ignorance. Evil is ignorance. Fighting evil is ignorance. Believing in evil is ignorance. The ego is ignorance. Only the knowledge of One Power is sanity. Only Love is sanity. Only forgiveness is sanity. Only the Self is sanity. Only the truth can set us free from ignorance and insanity. Truth is the awareness of the Infinite Good. Anxiety is the friend who reminds us that we are not yet aware of the Truth.

How can all of this work out in a practical manner? We don’t know, and that is not our business. That is God’s business. Our business is to correct our thinking and open up our awareness. Only Infinite Intelligence can work out the details. Certainly there will be a period of confusion as we change from ignorance to trust. But jobs will re-align, governments will be revamped, and love will reign for the first time upon the earth. Ego will be the servant and not the master. Although we have tasted of it here and there, we haven’t had democracy yet. Without Universal Free Energy, we won’t ever have it. We have five years left until 2012. Can we go for it?

And so what is your model of reality? What is that story which you have so carefully built, polished and refined for years and years? What is that story for which you sacrifice everything else? Which you live and die for? Is it worth it? Is your model working?

How many tons of information does your story edit out? 99%? “Yes” is the correct answer. Our model of reality screens out 99% of the information available. Our model of reality is our security. Our story is our savior. Our story is the source of all of our anxiety, all of our control and defense mechanisms, and all of our suffering.

God is not in our story. How can God be where ego is? Impossible. God is not in our national security ego model. We say “In God we trust” but we do not. What a joke! We trust our weapons, not God. We trust our control mechanisms, not God. We trust our republican or democratic agendas, not God. We trust oil, not God. Ego is mis-trust. Ego is mis-education. Ego is mis-imagination. Ego is mis-diagnosis. Ego is mis-treatment.

God is not where ego is. Ego is the belief in many powers, not in the One Power. Ego is the story about evil. God is not in that story, and neither are you. Isn’t that a crock? We are not even in our story, in our model of reality. No wonder we are so ignorant. We are Self-ignorant. No wonder all of the great philosophers said “Know thyself.” Until we admit that we don’t know ourselves, we will continue to be ignorant and anxious, screening out 99% of reality and claiming to be realists!

The scripture says that God does not behold iniquity. God does not see evil. We made up evil. It does not exist. Evil is an ego tale that runs society. All of our social institutions are built upon the ego model of reality. From top to bottom, society is a belief in victimization. God is not in any such belief system. God does not see evil, although all of the religions are fighting evil. Religions are as susceptible to the belief in evil as society in general. God is not in religion if evil is. We do not know God. How could we know God and be anxious? How could we know God and wage war? How could we know God and endorse suffering? How could we know the One Power and engage in daily power struggles? Impossible.

We are all on the same page. We do not know Self or God. We are ignorant and arrogant. We do not believe in Universal Free Energy. We think that we can control the universe, and yet we cannot even control our own minds for five minutes. Our minds are out of control because we do not know God. We all have ADD and Bi-polar. We have schizophrenic mindsets. We are not whole, but pretend to be.

We do not believe in the One Power. We believe in good and evil. How schizophrenic can our model get? We are dualists, polarizers, enemy-makers. Universal Free energy will never be allowed on this planet until we see through our “many powers” story. Why, if we had universal free energy, we would be trying to hoard it and kill each other with it. We would be arguing over who it belongs to and who has the right to control it. Holy smoke!

Why Aren't We Moving Ahead on Universal Free Energy?

Why aren’t we moving ahead on Universal Free Energy? Why does the Congress clap when Bush says we can cut gas consumption 20% in ten years? We won’t even be here in ten years at our current rate.

Why doesn’t Bill Gates or Al Gore get on the free energy question? What blinders are we wearing? And for what reason? What is the payoff for walking straight toward a cliff like blind men?

I watched our mighty congress last night. All of those brilliant statesmen clapping and clapping for some kind of hidden agenda payoff. Are we so power-hungry and insecure that we are blind?

It is like we are doctoring the wounds of our own self-destructive tendencies. Let’s improve insurance coverage. Let’s fund Aids research. Let’s use less gasoline. But in the meantime, the toxic faucet is running and we are drinking the poison. We need more doctors and nurses and therapists to bind up the wounds of the soldiers and fix the bodies of the obese and the sick. So we will increase the budget for the care of the children and the disabled. But in the meantime the toxic faucets are running. Put your finger in the dike! We are going to be too little, too late.

My question is, what is the payoff for our laziness, our lethargy, our shortsightedness, our procrastination? I know what it is: national security! National security is first and foremost. Not national service, not national foresight, not national leadership, not universal free energy. National insecurity is choking us, blinding us. We say we are afraid of terrorism. But terrorists are afraid of us! Fear is running the world. Fear is draining our budgets, running our military, preoccupying the brightest and most talented people on the planet. We don’t have time for creativity. We are too busy with security operations. And who is profiting from all of this insecurity preoccupation? No one. Insecurity beliefs profit no one. We are victims of our own insecurity belief system. We are anxious and we are blaming the terrorists for it. They are anxious and are blaming us for it. Blame. Blame. Blame. What good has blame ever done? What good have fear and control tactics ever done anyone? What good has criticizing, complaining, nagging, blaming, threatening, punishing and bribing ever done anyone? These control tactics do not help families, schools, or businesses, much less nations! Every time we try to control someone, we invoke loads of anxiety upon ourselves as well as upon them.

Did I hear Universal Free Energy in the State of the Union address last night? I’m sorry, but I must have fallen asleep! All I heard was a $5 solution to a $1000 problem.

We have mis-diagnosed our problem. Our problem is not national security, it is our national insecurity story.

Why can’t we address Universal Free Energy until we get the job done? The technology is here. God is the engineer of this magnificent energy universe. There is nothing but energy anywhere except in our turned-off minds! If this infinite energy is flowing everywhere, why can’t we humble ourselves, ask and listen? If God is omnipotent loving energy, why can’t we access it?
This really is a spiritual problem! WE don’t even know the ABC’s of spirituality and God-energy. We are perishing for a drink, and there are oceans of water right here. We are so busy fighting evil that we have no time or energy left for accessing the Infinite Good.

We all have Attention Deficit Disorders and Bi-polar psychoses. And pills aren’t curing them. Just “exercise and change your diet” isn’t enough. We must be born a second time and a third time and a fourth time. We need a change of mind. A new paradigm. We need a God-attention correction, and a uni-polar focus.
So, who is the patient here? None other than the ego of the U.S. Congress. What are the symptoms of our national disease? No different than the individual. It’s all the same. WE all have a sickness unto death, to use Kierkegaard’s phrase. We have ADD, Bi-polar, and codependency on foreign oil. We are still resorting to power struggles like they could work. We are still self-medicating like crazy. We are healing the wounded while still playing the war game. Taking medicine, but drinking poisonous potions (ideas). Trying to save gas, but letting the gas-guzzlers run full time. We are focused on the evil empire, not realizing it is our own shadow.

We are fighting all of the imaginable evils in the world, not realizing not one of them is true. We are the gas-guzzlers, we are the drug traffickers, we are the patients, we are the codependents. You can’t fight evil and win. There is no evil. We made it all up and became its victims. The comedians are trying to tell us that it’s a farce, but we think that its not.
The U.S. Congress is the center of power in the world, but it won’t be for long. Our fate is doomed if we continue mis-using our power. Unless we can allow Universal Free Energy (God) to fill our consciousness more than national insecurity, we will lose world leadership. How can we base security on a fear-based control strategy? We are so afraid of the Arabs. We have more invested in the Arabs than in God. In our minds, God is no match for these shadowy figures. The Great God who runs the universe can’t help us with a few impotent Arabs. We think our national security is based upon something less than the God of the Universe, don’t we? We are like a bunch of children fearing the bogyman in the dark.

Until we reach the point where we can tell the difference in national security and our collective ego story about national security, we are stuck. National security is not what we think it is. We have missed the target. Our national security is God-awareness, nothing more and nothing less. Any other so-called national security is going to create tons of anxiety, which is what we have now. In fact, we have so much anxiety running the congress that we are flip-flopping and zigzagging all over the map. We have no idea what national security is or where it is located. Our collective ego is seriously ignorant.

The culprit is always the one thing that no one questions. In the case of the congressional ego, it is our story about national insecurity that is never investigated. How can “In God We Trust” ever be insecure? It can’t, but our story takes over and from that point on we become slaves of our story. Slaves leading slaves. Blind leading the blind. Insecurity telling us how to be secure. Insecurity fighting insecurity. Can bombs destroy insecurity when insecurity exists entirely in the mind?

Can you show me that insecurity is not entirely a mental thing? Can you prove to me that everything is not mental? What is ‘is’ seemed laughable when it was about Clinton, but it is not just about Clinton, is it? Do we know what is? If we knew what is, would we be anxious? Would we be trying to bomb ideas out of existence instead of changing minds? Whose mind needs to be changed? And whose mind can you change except your own?

I find that my own mind-changing and story-analysis is my 24 hour a day job. That is what I am doing right now, working on my own understanding. I am working on “What is insecurity?” Is there such a thing? Did we make it up? Is the universe insecure? Who sold us on the notion of insecurity? Is anxiety a product of the belief in insecurity? Are we trying to remedy anxiety by trying to bomb it out of existence? Do bombs eradicate anxiety or create more? Is our insecurity level determined by other people and outside forces or by our own internal self-deception? Is insecurity a myth? If it is, we can get out of this pickle without one more bomb.

And so the congressional ego is based upon one basic fallacy: the belief in national insecurity. I have heard the phrase “national security” used for years and years, but it never registered. This one grand myth is the only thing that keeps us from Universal Free Energy. Can we see through this blinding myth soon enough to save the planet? I can only say that most world-changing events began with one conscious being, one unhypnotized consciousness. It only takes one, and you and I are that one. If we can face our insecurity myth, we can move forward. We are all in bondage to one story that controls the human race, the story of insecurity.
There is no lack of energy anywhere in the universe. The universe is energy. We are screaming about lack, blaming God and mankind for our deprivation, but there is none. There is no lack of energy, just a story that there is. Now, our excuse is gone. The cat is out of the bag. If insecurity is merely a belief in lack, then where is insecurity? Insecurity is all mental. Lack is certainly not spiritual or physical. Our only lack is the lack of knowledge and the lack of courage. Our only lack is the lack of awareness. What a shame in this age of information. We don’t lack information at all, we lack understanding. That is why King Solomon said to seek understanding above all things! All of our insecurity dilemmas are due simply to a lack of awareness, and ignorance of who and what God is, ignorance of what and who we are, and ignorance of what the universe is.

Conspiracy Theory about Free Energy

For the next seven pages, I am now going to quote from one of the best-informed conspiracy theorists (Robert Arnett, DhP) on the planet. But as you read this, please remember that this whole line of reasoning and research is fear-based information. Maybe it is quite a few hundred layers higher than the media, but it is still not at the truth level. On a scale of 1 to 1000, this report would be at about 900.

The nefarious forces who control the rat race we live in, have engineered our world through it's schools, media, entertainment and churches into a mass of sheeple who are easily deceived and exploited. If 50 million Americans under went a major paradigm shift in their perception of this world, from a doomed, scarcity-entropy model of war and survival, to an abundance/neg-entropic lifestyle of peace, prosperity, and freedom, we would see an end to our ongoing exploitation and the endless slaughter of the innocent poor, whose resources we will need to continue stealing and exploiting, to meet our ever growing, consumptive needs.

Only by building machines which work according to the natural design of our universe can we reverse our descent into a living hell, here on earth, fighting over diminishing resources and create eternally renewable abundance. This is the true path of "spiritual compassion": the all inclusive desire for everyone's physical well being on this planet being met with free energy. This is the opposite of the exclusivity of various religious and humanitarian groups, who provide aid only for their own and those they are trying to convert with their associated propaganda.
This type of thinking will eventually free one from the labyrinth of lies relating to Science, Drugs, Vaccines, Health, Religion, Energy, Psychology, Archeology, Anthropology and Evolution, etc...if one stays on the trail of investigation into the frauds we have all been indoctrinated with since our youth in the bovine like conditions of social engineering, called academicism.

The point of my work here is to show via the latest discoveries, the similarity and veracity of all these alternative and dissenting theories which are diametrically opposed to the physics as taught by corporate academia. These theories have born technologies, which will free us from the present pyramidal systems of control administered by the global elite. When the people of this planet finally understand this dissenting science, they will demand the immediate release and production of all free energy machines for the benefit of mankind as a whole.. Robert Arnett

When one understands the concepts of Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, the doorways to "free energy and free thinking" will be unlocked. The lines of control which hold the unfortunate "socially engineered" victims of academia, will be broken. The mental prison of materialistic, scientific reductionism, will be properly dethroned and marginalized, then the truth will finally prevail.
From this free and enlightened vista of thinking, a world view of abundance and a lifestyle of peace, prosperity, and freedom will produce the foundation for mankind's happiness. These virtuous aspirations transcend and oppose the dreary scientific/religious/governmental/ corporate/academic view of a world of scarcity, war and survival, financial ruin and the destruction of our personal freedoms and our environment

In a world of abundance and neg-entropy there is no need to fight over dwindling resources. Water can be desalinated and transported great distances to arid regions without the massive energy costs. There would be no "have nots". Everyone's basic needs would be assured. The technological possibilities are limitless with Tesla and Schauberger's insights and inventions relating to free energy. The Alternative Physics they believed in, is the Physics of eternal abundance
It is easy to imagine a world without war, because everyone would be working towards the goal of bringing civilization back into a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival. We would see the end of the fossil/nuclear fuel age and an end to all of the cancer causing pollution of this insidious academic crime. Also, an end, by diffusion, to the pyramids of political, financial, media, academic and religious control, where wealth and power are dangerously concentrated into a hands of few jaded, impostors

I guess free energy would eventually mean the end of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, idols, socialism, communism, zionism, democracy, existentialism, behaviorism, nihilism, feminism, objectivism, corporatism, and saviors as well, some of which are many millennia overdue!

"As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities." --Voltaire

I have provided many links to information on Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and a host of other free energy inventors as well, on this page. Only by returning to the sanity and common sense of Free Energy Physics as understood by these great men, can we free ourselves from the control of the inbreeding aristocrats who run this planet like a bovine slaughter yard for their decadence, power, pleasure and arrogance.

I encourage everyone to read about these brilliant men and see for yourself the world of abundance they saw and the limitless possibilities for prosperity it would offer to each and everyone of us...
Robert Arnett DhP

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.
German Pastor, Martin Niemöller

With everyone's basic needs covered we could all go to work saving this world before we destroy it. With the vast array of new spin off technologies there would be fulfilling work for everyone. The war could shift from the phony excuses used now to the real threat we all are facing, which is the wholesale destruction of our beautiful planet and it's inhabitants.

Imagine soldiers planting billions of trees in our clear cut forests, instead of killing other unfortunate human beings, birds, plants and animals. We need to plant 100 billion new trees immediately if we want to turn the tide of our self made destruction. We would be fighting against the true "evil doers", those who wantonly destroy our small planet using deception and trickery for personal financial gain, vanity and power (The federal reserve, the corporations and media and their elected leaders ).

Imagine silent, hovering aircraft, dropping mineralized rock dust on reclaimed forests to fertilize them, rather than extremely noisy jets and helicopters dropping napalm, daisy cutters, depleted uranium, micro nukes and other types of "destructive ordinance" on poor innocent victims, other wise known as "collateral damage". Or, these same silent craft tending to our agricultural needs by automated satellite control and managing unending fields of Cannabis and Hemp, for replacing: oil, pharmaceutical, food, clothing and timber products, to name a few.
Imagine also, these same silent craft built into massive sand movers which could clear the sands of Saharasia and reclaim the regions which bred the present state of warlike cruelty, 6000-8000 years ago. The sand could be fused into building materials for structures of the future, with very little cost. The newly cleared lands could be irrigated with desalinated water pumped from the oceans with Schauberger technologies. Billions of trees could be planted in these reclaimed lands and vast areas could be opened for people and agriculture.

So, all you creepy people who think we need to kill off billions of other humans to make Earth a better place can go crawl back under your rocks. Overpopulation is not the problem, cramming millions of people together in cities which rely on toxic waste to fuel their endeavors and support their presence, is! Imagine all of our cities without pollution, they might actually be nice places to live in once people detoxify from their polluted conditions and turn down their frantic racket.
Viktor Schauberger was the pioneering environmentalist who discovered natural solutions to all of the most pressing problems relating to our energy and pure water needs, poor health and continuing destruction of this planet through the ignorant and negligent treatment of our Earth, Air and Water.
His work should be required reading in all schools, because it is a virtuous foundation for life, health and sanity in an insane world. As long as Corporate America controls our schools with "sound science," the truth will never be taught.

I never heard a word about, Ether, Alternative Physics, Plasma Physics, Free Energy, Over-Unity, Zero Point Energy, Tesla, Schauberger, Moray, Townsend, Gray , Giordano Bruno, DB Larson, or especially, Walter Russell, in any Physics class during High School, two Junior Colleges or at the University of California, where I graduated from. I wish I had attended the Institute of Unlearning, instead!

Imagine every home with an Implosion Motor, Rotary, Permanent Magnetic Motor , Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, or a Parallel Path Magnetic Motor, for example. Each home would produce all of it's own energy needs and the rest could be sold back to the grid for redistribution to the industrial and business sectors. These inventions are confirming and advancing our understanding of Scalar Theory, which is putting mankind back on the right theoretical path in science, the recognition of the "eternal cycles of never ending, eternal abundance".
The implosion and magnetic motors run 24 hours a day, so you are making money while you sleep. The whole time Corporate America is paying you for it. Lutec of Australia, has patented a ro-mag motor and is currently beginning to mass produce them for homes. Perendev of South Africa is also ready for production of it's version of a ro-mag motor, which will be made in Germany.

we can have a system like the one I have proposed above, where houses could supply industry, only with really powerful over-unity technologies which would actually create wealth for the home owners, as opposed to a trickle of solar current left over from the daily needs of the common power consumer. It would take decades to recover the high capital outlays for each homeowner to install the very weak, large, cumbersome and extremely expensive solar panel systems.

The over-unity system I have proposed using would be a just means of redistributing the wealth of this country, whose time is long overdue! For reasons of National Security all homes would by law be required to have a free energy machine and sell their excess energy to industry. Interest free government loans would be provided for all Americans to purchase these machines for this Patriotic project. Industry would not be allowed to produce it's own power and by law would have to buy their electricity from households. Just building all of these machine would be a massive source of new work for Americans.

Then if bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice, meyers, and ashcroft,or any other group of new world order stooges, blow up a power plant and blame it on arab, islamic fundamentalist, patsie/terrorists, like the wtc demolitions and pentagon false flag operations, there will be millions of other homes to maintain the flow of energy to the corporations and industries who need them. We can expect more false flags operations blamed on the arabs, because this gang of mass murderers are backed into a corner and only and handful of mindless sycophants actually believe these swine anymore, so they must commit themselves to more dramatic attacks in order to scare the population into supporting their illegal and baseless war on terrorism. A police state would serve them well and would be possible the second a "false flag", nuclear device is detonated inside our borders, or a "false flag sponsored" race war with the 12 million illegal immigrants, could work as well.

The other most patriotic thing people can do is to seek the truth and become informed, rather than having propaganda spoon fed by talking heads and remaining ignorant. In other words, turn off the boob tube and explore the internet where information is not controlled, framed, juxtaposed, edited, censored, revealed then marginalized and qualified by the agents of big brother.

The decentralization of financial power is also an essential Patriotic endeavor. Elite, aristocratic, european bloodlines , have controlled our politics, banks, schools, churches and minds, through secret societies with secret agendas, the bible, lies and endless deception, since the founding of our country.
They have this control presently because of their wealth, but more importantly, because the media is completely owned by them. The media reports on a make believe world constructed by puppet masters and expects a gullible and clueless population to believe it. Unfortunately, the mind control programs people receive from their churches, schools and parents, while being "indoctrinated" in their youths, prepares them well for this kind of hollywood styled, mental manipulation.

Corporations own our government, so we get no real say or protection from our so-called elected leaders. Unscrupulous corporations pay the cowards in congress to do the opposite of what we hire them to do. Their values are not the decent values which most Americans were raised with. So, they clear cut forest, destroy our air and water, fill our foods with toxins, glamorize alcoholism and tobacco addiction in their media, steal from tax payers, making our existence an expensive, sick and toxic form of sub-life. We all live like slaves, except the wealthy class. Our medical-drugging and vaccinating system is a fraud to the core. The same can be said for politics, religion, psychology, academia, the media etc...

Corporate sponsored and elected leaders stand by and let the dimwitted dubya and his cohorts wage illegal wars based on blatant lies and murder our citizens in false flag operations like 911. These pathetic fools are traitors as well and should be dealt with accordingly. The lies have been proven repeatedly, yet nothing changes, because everyday we are at war is a blessing for the military industrial complex, energy theft barons and their share holders. They are raking historical profits at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who must be murdered by these lies to justify their riches and the 100's of millions of US taxpayers they bilk to pay this massive bill with the bankers, amortized interest added of course. So, these lies will continue as long as there is a gluttonous war machine that needs to be fed for the money grubbers who have devoted their lives to parasitic greed by investing in it's production, propaganda and destructive capacity.

Robert Arnett